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Fulfilling the mission statement of Celebration Chorus means seeking out interested choristers who have a passion for choral music, a demonstrated commitment to music ministry, and who share a personal faith in Christ.

A vocal interview has to be conducted to determine placement within your section (Vocal Interview Form) The Chorus attracts the very young as well as the very mature!  Minimum age should be 20 years or above.

We are not a ‘professional’ chorus.  However, we strive for excellence and the highest level of professional results we can achieve.  We are average folks who seek an above-average choral experience through the application of good choral disciplines.  This requires dedication, commitment, and hard work; but we consider it a joy to serve alongside others in this music ministry!


  • Passion for music ministry
  • Commitment to faithful rehearsal attendance
  • Commitment to learning the repertoire
  • Prior choral experience
  • Music reading ability


Members joining the Chorus want to be their best, so we have high standards! Therefore, we commit to the following choral disciplines:

  • Choristers are expected to faithfully attend all rehearsals. 100% attendance is expected with exception for travel or sickness. Singers should notify section leader and chorus administrator in advance of absence. Notification of absence demonstrates thoughtfulness, courtesy and respect.
  • Celebration Chorus members agree to learn the repertoire. This means preparation outside of weekly rehearsals. Those with lesser music reading experience may have to work harder than others, but our commitment is the same: we learn the repertoire no matter what it takes.
  • Choristers need to have some prior singing experience preferably in a church choir, school chorus, worship team, or other vocal experience. Voice lessons, or tuition are not required, but may be helpful for the novice singer.
  • Singers must be music readers or music followers. This means that you are able to identify your vocal line, follow the notes and sing the rhythm and pitches. This does not mean that you must have perfect pitch or be a perfect sight-reader. It means that the rehearsal experience will be most enjoyable for the person who knows the basic vocabulary of music, and can identify notes on the staff.
  • Auditions may be required. Singers should also meet the Conductor for vocal placement in the first few weeks of rehearsal to determine proper placement in their vocal section.
  • Please download: our new Expectations for Excellence document, and the Vocal Interview Form


There are no monthly subscription or membership fees. Rather, Chorus members pay a one-time registration fee for each season. Current fees are $100 payable at the beginning of each season.

Registration fees cover the operational costs of the Chorus such as score purchase, venue hire, musician expenses, administrative costs, etc. Registration fees are not refundable when choristers drop out. Music scores are yours to keep.

Cheques should be made payable to Celebration Chorus Ltd.


Fill up the form with the requested information. Fields marked with an * are required. Click ‘Submit’ and your registration form will be forwarded by email to Chorus officers who will contact you. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Celebration Chorus!

Registration Form

NEW choristers, please fill out the Registration Form. Download the Vocal Interview Form, and fill it out as best you can. Please print and bring along to your vocal placement interview.

RETURNING choristers, please email admin@celebrationchorus.net to notify us of your registration.