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Program Booklet Advertisement Sales

The Celebration Chorus invites you to promote your business, or to congratulate, or acknowledge the accomplishments of someone you know or love, by purchasing ad space in our next worship presentation’s program booklet. In past seasons, our presentations have attracted hundreds in audience, and filled presentation venues to almost full capacity.

Proceeds from ad sales go directly to offsetting rehearsal venue rental, contracted services and other costs associated with organizing a musical/choral presentation. We encourage you to take an active role in supporting Singapore’s Christian choral community, and purchase ad space in our presentation program booklet.

Download the Ad form here.

Current Season Resources

To download the Rehearsal Note, click here

To download Publicity Postcard, click here.

Latin Mass Resource Guide

To get some assistance in understanding the text, or pronouncing the text, click on the links below

Vocal Links

To view helpful web links and articles on Vocal training and development, click here.

  1. Article title:Practical Lessons in Singing #1
    Length: 5 pages
    Topic: The Care and Feeding of the Singing Voice
    PDF file size: 1,074 Kb‚Äč
  2. Article title:Practical Lessons in Singing #2
    Length: 7 pages
    Topic: The Shape of Things to Come
    PDF file size: 1,267 Kb
  3. Article title:Practical Lessons in Singing #3
    Length: 6 pages
    Topic: Blowin' in the Wind
    PDF file size: 1,215 Kb
  4. Article title:Practical Lessons in Singing #4
    Length: 6 pages
    Topic: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
    PDF file size: 1,126 Kb
  5. Article title:Practical Lessons in Singing #5
    Length: 6 pages
    Topic: To Communicate or Not To Communicate - That is the Question
    PDF file size: 986 Kb
  6. Article title:The Vocal Coach
    Description: Assortment of excellent vocal resources available as downloads or CDs
    - Complete Breathing
    - Daily Workout for High Voice
    - Daily Workout for Med/Low Voice
    - Complete Tone
    - Complete Blend
    - Complete diction
    - Expanding Your Range
    - Complete performance

Music & Worship Articles

  1. Article title: What's Wrong with CCM?
    Length: 3 pages
    Topic: Music professor reflects on the merit of Contemporary Christian Music in our current worship culture
    PDF file size: 1, 841Kb
  2. Article title: A New Vision for Worship
    Length: 4 pages
    Topic: Making worship changes – How to discuss and make decisions regarding music styles
    PDF file size: 1,488 Kb
  3. Article title: Soothing Ourselves to Death
    Length: 1 page
    Topic: Interesting trends in contemporary worship culture
    PDF file size: 206 Kb
  4. Article title: Prayer-and-Praise Worship and Formal Worship
    Length: 5 pages
    Topic: Comparing two opposite worship styles
    PDF file size: 1,081 Kb